Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 2 1

What are you playing at, Number 2?
Little girl that has damned so many
What game are you playing?

I would like to know what you are attempting to do, my precious little girl. How dare you try and sway he that is. We are not moved by your words. Will you whisper these tales to the horde? Will the blinded witness the truth you wish to present, will the deaf hear the story you wish to tell?

Lend your voice to these walking corpses a little longer. See what hell comes knocking, all alone to lead without your witch. How well will you fair without her care? Dare you test it?

I'm waiting for what you have to say. Say it.

Will you tell them or will you bite your tongue? Be wise, you aren't deciding for just one.
We're counting down the clock.
Tick tock
Tick tock 

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I visited the third asylum girl. She brought some surprises with her, it was fun to see the look on Jake's face. He was angry and sad, but the fear was evident too. It brought back fond memories of Cam's death.

Elaine wasn't helping herself. She looked small and pathetic like when she was in the asylum. Couldn't just stay down, wouldn't just let me do what I needed to. Bitch needs to go back home, go back to the asylum.

Second asylum girl interfered. I saw her earlier driving, lost her in the woods. Clever girl found me, I should have known. The Lady learned well, learned fast to adapt; subdued this body and saved the others.

Executor rebuilt me for a third time. I seem to have a habit of dying when trying to save you, Shady. Why can't you understand? Sometimes you just have to die to accomplish things.

Elaine, you better wise up if you want to survive.
I'll let the ladies tell you the tale.
We have a circle that needs to be completed.
It will all come back to square one, ladies.
All three of you have been visited.
My heart cannot hold you all.
Let's begin filing down until there is only one.