Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This news is delightful
Our third asylum girl returned
The beast and his beloved kept their word to do no harm
I say that now
It would have been enjoyable to see her scowl
Yet here comes wit
Above all smiles
Dare she not wallow within despair?
All I have done...
Mockery is what she shows me
They have breathed life back into her shell
Revived every little piece of her soul I killed
After all that I have done...
No I see the cracks
The Cultist dangling upon the branch
Writhing and sweating
Her pain so grand
A sight to savor
A memory to favor
Her displeasure only encouraged more
Clever witch that she is
Tore away a piece of me
Lucky girl
Stupid girl
Lucky lucky girl
It could not break my pleasant mood
I left you alive
The hate of my asylum girl's words staining my win
Threaten me little girl?
We will see whose world crumbles
Collapsing in upon itself
I know suffering
You have yet to remember
Feel the start from a deceased friend
From strangers you no longer remember
I have made those voids for your ghost to wander
You dare threaten that which molded you?
Took care of you?
Threaten me
Feel the burning within your pit
Allow the fire to consume your very core
Hate me
Hate me
Hate me

Welcome back
Hell has been awaiting your arrival

Friday, August 5, 2011

/\11 /\10/\/3

Dead I was
Dead I am not
Life breathed back into this one
A body remade out of nothing
I am here for you now
I am whole once more
Now comes the beast of rage
His pretty bride so very dead
Taken is the Lady of the Shade
The Cultist left abandoned
Their house filled with younglings
Such easy pickings
Watch yourselves now
I am not so dead
My asylum girls have dwindled down to two
This old heart creaks in protest
Bird of Prey and my Elaine
Still here
Still here
Still here
Our third asylum girl is not
She leaves behind those that can delay this ache
The Cultist and all those lively things
The Lady may be absent but you're still present
Shall we play?
If she returns will she find you living?
Shall we play?
Mystery will you scream?
Shall we play?
Will you weep like that of Elaine?
Shall we play?
Will you fight me?
Will you fight me?
Will you cry for me?
Will you scream for me?
Will you play with me?
Stay with me
Play with me
Play with me
Play with me
Die for me