Monday, November 14, 2011


Run run as fast as you can!

The hounds have been released. He no longer wishes to hunt you himself alone. My little asylum girl, you are all out of luck.
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock

Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 2 1

What are you playing at, Number 2?
Little girl that has damned so many
What game are you playing?

I would like to know what you are attempting to do, my precious little girl. How dare you try and sway he that is. We are not moved by your words. Will you whisper these tales to the horde? Will the blinded witness the truth you wish to present, will the deaf hear the story you wish to tell?

Lend your voice to these walking corpses a little longer. See what hell comes knocking, all alone to lead without your witch. How well will you fair without her care? Dare you test it?

I'm waiting for what you have to say. Say it.

Will you tell them or will you bite your tongue? Be wise, you aren't deciding for just one.
We're counting down the clock.
Tick tock
Tick tock 

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I visited the third asylum girl. She brought some surprises with her, it was fun to see the look on Jake's face. He was angry and sad, but the fear was evident too. It brought back fond memories of Cam's death.

Elaine wasn't helping herself. She looked small and pathetic like when she was in the asylum. Couldn't just stay down, wouldn't just let me do what I needed to. Bitch needs to go back home, go back to the asylum.

Second asylum girl interfered. I saw her earlier driving, lost her in the woods. Clever girl found me, I should have known. The Lady learned well, learned fast to adapt; subdued this body and saved the others.

Executor rebuilt me for a third time. I seem to have a habit of dying when trying to save you, Shady. Why can't you understand? Sometimes you just have to die to accomplish things.

Elaine, you better wise up if you want to survive.
I'll let the ladies tell you the tale.
We have a circle that needs to be completed.
It will all come back to square one, ladies.
All three of you have been visited.
My heart cannot hold you all.
Let's begin filing down until there is only one.

Friday, September 30, 2011


It wasn't a pleasant experience to die multiple times in such a short time. To be housed in an improper form, controlling a sack of meat like a puppet.


It's not a difficult task, just feels... icky.

Road Runner broke my mask.
Shady took my broken mask.
Two asylum girls visited.
Now there is one left to see.
Is that all I'm going to do to them? Haven't you been reading? There's a circle that needs to be completed. We've barely ran passed the starting line.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hello things, I've come to leave a note that your precious 269 is functioning just as fine, perhaps better than before; and will be back to posting soon. He's had to run some errands for me in the meantime.

Worry not, he isn't through with you all yet.

Thy Executor

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Live or DIE?

You look stressed.
Why is that?
Is it because I've been quiet?
Silly girl don't you know?
I am always with you.
All of you.
I can play these games too.
His puppets are not mindless fools.
My puppeteer is no exception, can you not see?
I told you all no more games.
Sweet asylum girls, who will survive?
Who will live and who will die?
My heart is cold and dead inside, I can't keep you all.
There simply isn't enough room.
Not enough love.

I have been watching. Does the silence trouble you? Good, I am happy to satisfy your needs. Little asylum girls, you look troubled. I'll have to visit you all soon, I want to touch and squeeze the life bit by bit from your lungs.

This is what you wanted. Blame the little Lady. She kicked and screamed, begged and raged. RAGED. SHE WANTED THIS. All along. She wanted the act to fall. Feels lighter to stop playing stupid. Don't you realize now that you've left me without guidelines to play by? Blame her. HATE HER. Go against one another, humans do that best. Make it easier for me.

Little asylum girls.
You wanted answers.
You want to know why.
It's coming.

Bad news: No guidelines anymore.

Good news: You don't have to squint to read my messages.

I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll prob'ly go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride

Ah ha ha ha!

Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm just playing
I've never been broken to begin with
It was all just an act
The curtain has been raised
We act no more
We pretend not
I am the Prospect of your Prosper
I am the obstacle that separates you from your fortune
Can you defeat me?
Will you defeat me?
I am Prosper
The curtain has been lifted

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This news is delightful
Our third asylum girl returned
The beast and his beloved kept their word to do no harm
I say that now
It would have been enjoyable to see her scowl
Yet here comes wit
Above all smiles
Dare she not wallow within despair?
All I have done...
Mockery is what she shows me
They have breathed life back into her shell
Revived every little piece of her soul I killed
After all that I have done...
No I see the cracks
The Cultist dangling upon the branch
Writhing and sweating
Her pain so grand
A sight to savor
A memory to favor
Her displeasure only encouraged more
Clever witch that she is
Tore away a piece of me
Lucky girl
Stupid girl
Lucky lucky girl
It could not break my pleasant mood
I left you alive
The hate of my asylum girl's words staining my win
Threaten me little girl?
We will see whose world crumbles
Collapsing in upon itself
I know suffering
You have yet to remember
Feel the start from a deceased friend
From strangers you no longer remember
I have made those voids for your ghost to wander
You dare threaten that which molded you?
Took care of you?
Threaten me
Feel the burning within your pit
Allow the fire to consume your very core
Hate me
Hate me
Hate me

Welcome back
Hell has been awaiting your arrival

Friday, August 5, 2011

/\11 /\10/\/3

Dead I was
Dead I am not
Life breathed back into this one
A body remade out of nothing
I am here for you now
I am whole once more
Now comes the beast of rage
His pretty bride so very dead
Taken is the Lady of the Shade
The Cultist left abandoned
Their house filled with younglings
Such easy pickings
Watch yourselves now
I am not so dead
My asylum girls have dwindled down to two
This old heart creaks in protest
Bird of Prey and my Elaine
Still here
Still here
Still here
Our third asylum girl is not
She leaves behind those that can delay this ache
The Cultist and all those lively things
The Lady may be absent but you're still present
Shall we play?
If she returns will she find you living?
Shall we play?
Mystery will you scream?
Shall we play?
Will you weep like that of Elaine?
Shall we play?
Will you fight me?
Will you fight me?
Will you cry for me?
Will you scream for me?
Will you play with me?
Stay with me
Play with me
Play with me
Play with me
Die for me

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The star of morning wishes to play
He can have her all he wishes
The circle will be completed
Play with her
The end result will be the same
Play with her
Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring

Do you remember the two men that sat side by side?
Brothers in arms
They are the future selves of your Blackwater pets
How they adored their magic tricks
You used to giggle
The one sign of joy still present
They never liked my masks
No matter how colorful I made them to be
For them
For you
Brothers in arms
The message must be sent
They knew too much
What a shame
I set their rooms ablaze
It brought back foul memories of war
As they burned alive
As they faded to ashes
Another lead lost
Another place for your ghost to wander
Little  girl made of sin
You damned them so


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

L1TTL3 /\7\|LU/\/\ G1RL7

Dead little friends
Dead little friends
Dead little friends
Hate Me Hate Me Hate Me
Threes a crowd
Now there is but two
Two little asylum girls
Cannot run
No time left now
Out of time now
You run anyways

You laughed when I had said that losing you would make me flip my lid, right?
Well, you left me anyhow and the days got worse and worse and now you see I've gone completely out of my mind.
I cooked your food, I cleaned your house, and this is how you paid me back for all my kind unselfish loving deeds. Huh? Well you just wait they'll find you yet, and when they do they'll DRAGYOUINTOHELLYOUBITCH.
But now you know I'm utterly mad.

Ha Ha
Ho ho he he ha ha!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

/\/3\/3R S/\F3

The rest is just a clock

 Kitty play dead
Kitty is dead
Not a very good sitter
Is she?
Is she?
Like the present?

Thought I didn't know?
Thought I wouldn't find out?
Such little time now
Out of time now

The rest is just a clock

Saturday, July 16, 2011

L/\Z\| \/\/|-|0R3

She was supposed to take care of you
Little girl made of sin
She did not do a very good job
Did she?
Did she?
Every needle to your arm
Every little scar
She was a clumsy little whore
Never met the mark
Colleague of mine
Enjoyed her death
The look of surprise on her face
Before I cut it off
What did she do to you?
Little guinea pig
Such transgressions could not be allowed
Hate me
Hate Me
Saved you
Little girl made of sin
Little guinea pig
I saved you
From her
Back then
All dead
All dead
All dead
The Nurse was supposed to take care for you
She did not do a very good job
Did she?
Did she?
I see you still have her scars
She is all but dead now
All gone
All gone
All gone
Another sector for your ghost to wander


Sunday, July 10, 2011

|>3/\T|-| 0F T|-|3 T0R|\/|3/\/T0R

Someday I'll find the piece of me they buried in the ground,
the piece that kept me warm inside,

the certain pride I found,
I once was happy and full of life,
not one tear I ever cried,
but when they broke my confidence,

I had to run and hide,
I hear their footsteps linger,
throughout each hallway floor,
so much bitchy conversation,

I had to close the door,
someday I'll be myself again,
no bullies will bleed me dry,
someday I'll find no darkened days,

just a clear blue sky...


Thursday, July 7, 2011

BUR/\/1/\/G /\LL \|0U K/\/0\/\/

Th3 C1ty l00k7 s0 pr3tty,
d0 y0u wa/\//\/a BURN 1t w1th m3?
Th3 City l00k7 s0 pr3tty,
d0 y0u wa/\//\/a BURN 1t w1th m3?
Th3 C1ty l00k7 s0 pr3tty,
d0 y0u wa/\//\/a BURN 1t w1th m3?

W3 us3 th3 tr337 as t0rch3s,

D0 y0u wa/\//\/a BURN 1t w1th m3?
Fi11 th3 str33ts w1th c0rpse7,
D0 y0u wa/\//\/a BURN 1t w1th m3?
W/\tch th3 C1ty FUCK1/\/G B133D3, 
D0 y0u wa/\//\/a BURN 1t w1th m3?
Br1/\/g th3 w0r1d t0 1t7 kn33s, 
D0 y0u wa/\//\/a BURN 1t w1th m3?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

|>3/\T|-| 0F /\ M3/\/T0R

Short man
Ginger hair
He did not understand why
The symbols in my eyes
They should have said it all
You should have heard him scream
He did not understand why
How you could have damned him so
Little girl
What have you done?
Can you hear him?
Can you feel him?
The life slips away so smoothly
His heart beats rapidly
I know
I saw
His chest pulled wide open
Organs sliding across the floor
Little girl
What have you done?
You cannot hear him
You cannot feel him
There is nothing left for you to know
Another thread cut
Your life less known
How will you move on?
Your mind left with holes
Vacant places for your ghost to wander
My breath is at your neck
I hear your thoughts
I feel your pulse
Listen closely
Little girl
Shaded by the past
I hope that you can hear me
I hope that you can feel this too

The Mentor has fallen come sunrise
The Mentor now screams within the bowels of HELL

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

\/\/h0 IS t|-|i7 Gu\|?

P30pl3 7ay I'm CR/\ZY, ju7t a litt13 t0uch3d,
I d0n't kn0w a/\/ym0r3! 
I don't f33l s/\fe anym0r3-0h, what a m377! 
I w0nd3r wh0's w/\tching m3 n0w?
I /\lways f33l lik3 s0meb0dy'7 w/\tchi/\/g me, 
And I have n0 pri\/acy?
I always f33l lik3 s0meb0dy's w/\tchi/\/g m3!
T3ll m3, is it ju7t a dr3/\m? 
I w0nd3r wh0's w/\tchi/\/g m3 n0w? 
ah ha... ha... ha.

Monday, June 13, 2011

?3KA\/\/ R0 <\331S

N0w I lAy m3 down 2 sl33p,
I Pr/\y th3 LORD My S0ul 2 k33p,
If I DI3
b3f0r3 I w/\k3,
I Pray
th3 LORD
My S0ul
2 t/\k3.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

b0J \|/\/\

It'7 n0t 2 rUn th3 tra1n,
the \/\/h17stle I cann0t Bl0w,
It'7 n0t 4 m3 to say how f/\r th3 tra1n'7 a110w3d 2 g0,
I'/\/\ n0t all0w3d t0 blow off 7t3am.
N0r even c1a/\/g th3 b311,
But l3t The Damn th1ng ju/\/\p th3 track
& S33 WH0 CATCH3S H311!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3g/\773/\/\ 3h1 337

How 1s On3 2 1IVE a moral & compa77ionate exist3nce
when on3 is fu11y awar3 of bl00de,
th3 h0rr0r inherent in L1F3,
when on3 f1nds darkn3ss
n0t on1y in On3's culture
but w1th1n On3self.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

###/-/|1 & |>u/\/

Br0ken HeAds Hit the floor,
SoMeon3 wAnt1ng MorE & mORe...
CRYing oUT for Th3 Payne,
Roll t3h dIce - pLAY th3 g@m3...
BURN the sOUL - l33ch teh bloode,
on Your kn33s - in th3 MUD.
nEVer KNEw THIS DAY would come,
playING th3 game of 'HIT & RUN!'