Wednesday, June 29, 2011

|>3/\T|-| 0F /\ M3/\/T0R

Short man
Ginger hair
He did not understand why
The symbols in my eyes
They should have said it all
You should have heard him scream
He did not understand why
How you could have damned him so
Little girl
What have you done?
Can you hear him?
Can you feel him?
The life slips away so smoothly
His heart beats rapidly
I know
I saw
His chest pulled wide open
Organs sliding across the floor
Little girl
What have you done?
You cannot hear him
You cannot feel him
There is nothing left for you to know
Another thread cut
Your life less known
How will you move on?
Your mind left with holes
Vacant places for your ghost to wander
My breath is at your neck
I hear your thoughts
I feel your pulse
Listen closely
Little girl
Shaded by the past
I hope that you can hear me
I hope that you can feel this too

The Mentor has fallen come sunrise
The Mentor now screams within the bowels of HELL


  1. I never had a mentor, Prosper. Unless you mean a teacher... If so that's fucking sick.

  2. Cannot remember the face or the name.
    Lost is he to you.
    Little girl you damned him so.
    All he wanted to do was assist.


  3. How did he want to assist me? What was he trying to do? Give me a damn answer and stop playing games!

  4. Save the life of a child who has lost all will to live.
    So close did he come if not for our mutual friend.
    Locked away were you within the palace of white.
    Drowned within the lake at first light.
    All he wanted to do was assist.
    The daughter you never were.
    The daughter he never had.
    Yet family does not need to be of blood, does it?
    Let him rot.
    Little girl who damned him.

    Seek your answers.