Thursday, May 26, 2011

###/-/|1 & |>u/\/

Br0ken HeAds Hit the floor,
SoMeon3 wAnt1ng MorE & mORe...
CRYing oUT for Th3 Payne,
Roll t3h dIce - pLAY th3 g@m3...
BURN the sOUL - l33ch teh bloode,
on Your kn33s - in th3 MUD.
nEVer KNEw THIS DAY would come,
playING th3 game of 'HIT & RUN!'


  1. So this is 269, huh. Just as fucking crazy as I imagined.

  2. let the player hit the floor....
    sorry couldn't help but hear that beat as i read this XD
    nice writing, creepy as hell